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The Best of San Antonio, Texas

Look no further if you want info on San Antonio tourist sites, San Antonio attractions, San Antonio events, San Antonio restaurants or the world famous San Antonio Riverwalk.  

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas I guarantee you I know this city and every tourist site in town.  In fact, I don't think there's a tourist site in town that I haven't been to.  Here you'll learn about what I consider San Antonio's most important tourist sites, those that are historical and those that are not.  Also San Antonio's attractions, important San Antonio museums & art galleries and the latest up to the moment San Antonio current events.  I also suggest one to three day itineraries by which to see as much of the important tourist stuff as possible.  And best of all I furnish you with the best map of San Antonio hotels anywhere on the web along with a survey of hotel prices and my San Antonio hotel recommendations!.

Here you will find my suggestions of what to see and, most importantly, what not to see.  Which hotels to stay in and which to avoid.  I'll tell you at which restaurants the locals go to eat and where we wouldn't be caught dead.  And, as a native, I know well the downtown area, the tourist sites and attractions and the Riverwalk; so I'll steer you away from the not so safe areas.


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There's so much to absorb in this web.  I've created it for those voracious absorbers of information, those who want to get as much preliminary information about San Antonio as possible before coming here.  Being really right brain structured I've made it as orderly as possible.  Hopefully you can find your way around easily enough.

Nevertheless to get you started off in the right direction here are some of the important links:

bulletA listing of well located San Antonio downtown Hotels
bulletMy personal hotel recommendations
bulletHere's a very useful map of downtown hotels
bulletGolf Guide from our local paper.
bulletThe Miscellany page for three links to 2005 polls of the best eating places in San Antonio, including places along the San Antonio River Walk.
bulletLive Cam of San Antonio.
bulletHistorical sites of the 1700s.
bulletHistorical sites of the 1800s.
bulletSite map to see at a glance all there is here.
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